CE Chauffeur (Code 95)

Als chauffeur in hart en nieren vaak onderweg, en altijd professioneel.


Een mooie diepe stem die uw verhaal of (reclame) jingle inspreekt.

Grondverzet en sloopwerken

Verplaatsen van grond en verwijderen van bestaande bebouwing.


Het leven van, het werk wat ik doe, de fouten die ik maak, alles komt aan bod.

Active as

That I am not just a professional, that was already clear. but what am I doing?


As a driver at heart, often on the road, and always professionally.

Voice artist

A nice deep voice that leaves your story or (commercial) jingle.

Earth moving

Earth moving is the means by which machines move the ground.


A training with multiple disciplines, but also for getting discipline.

Demolition work

Demolition work from large to small, the removal of existing buildings.

Climb instructor

Unfortunately (yet) no certificates, but definitely know about climbing and safety.

Tree cutting

Pruning and or grubbing of standing wood. small to large, with or without removal of the wood product

Business analysis.php

By looking at your company, finding the bottlenecks, and finding the appropriate solution.


On YouTube i try to show who I am and what I do. I also like to make extra series in certain categories.

Categories: #Cor Japin general #Truck & Work #Climbing #Road TV #Cor Japin in #cor japinterview


My expression of the emotion or thought I have at that moment.

The Dutch acidity is increased.

Let's start with something nice first.

I used to come to a neighbour's house all the time.
and every time I came to this woman,
then I.....

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Food, History, good choice, and vegan morons.

Food, this is literally vital.
and the Neanderthals knew that, too.
They went hunting to catch and slaughter their meat or fish.

In history there.....

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imposed logic VS my logic

(NOTE: before you start reading,
The first part of this post, is about the dutch language, and doesn`t make sence in english, but after a while it .....

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My first Christmas all alone, and that is quite depressing.

This story in Dutch

For many years I have said that Christmas is not really my thing.
What do you .....

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