Voeding, geschiedenis, gezonde keuze, en veganistische randdebielen.

Food, History, good choice, and vegan morons.

Food, History, good choice, and vegan morons.

Food, this is literally vital.
and the Neanderthals knew that, too.
They went hunting to catch and slaughter their meat or fish.

In history there was no electricity and little or no prosperity.
So what was to be done?
It's very simple, when a fool goes after an animal, sticks on it with a stick or stone for as long as it broke almost all the bones, the animal that screams out the lungs of the pain, eventually succumbs to the pain, and finally, when the animal is not conscious outside, cut on it with a blunt object until the animal bleeds to death, and then prepare it over a homemade fire, and then eat it.
Some berries were added, But meat and fish really were the food for Man.

Fortunately, we now have much more choice.
From potato to rice, from meat to fish, from green bean to maize, from grape to melon.
In short, there was food, and in many variations.
Man is an omnivore or an all-Eater.
and man also needs this to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Fortunately, today there are farmers who love to raise the animals.,
and then to the slaughter where they leave the animal to die skillfully, painlessly (generally) in order to be able to cut edible pieces of meat after the animal has actually died.

That's a little different than before!
Now, painlessly to death, and used to be pain for hours and then being cut in with blunt instruments while you're alive.
What progress has humanity made?

However, today there are those half-assed morons who call themselves vegans.
Who do not respect full prosperity and then cry because an animal (as has happened for millions of years) has been killed for consumption.
The ridiculous thing about these people is that they are often (no by no means always) churchgoers.
you know, churchgoers who sacrifice to their imaginary friend "god"every once in a while.
And what happens to that sacrifice?
They do not eat them, no they only kill them to lay on a table or stone before their god so that that god has received his sacrifice.
So the animal is rotting away for an imaginary friend somewhere high up in the sky.

Also when we look at nature (where man belongs) we see carnivores, omnivores etc.
You don't hear these vegans about that. because, well, that's nature!
That an animal is being chased, then bitten to death, and then eaten, that's normal.
But we people who still want to make this happen properly for our own food, no, the vegans don't think that's possible.

But vegans who eat soy, right?
especially vegetables?

Oh, yeah, you mean those soybeans where people earn 4 euros a day to pick them for the vegans so the vegans get their proteins in.
You know, those proteins that doctors say have a wrong hormone in them, so you shouldn't actually eat this.
for which whole forests are felled (which provide oxygen for humans and animals) in order to place those soya plants.

What about the tomato and peppers and orange?
well, people get up to 30 euros a day to feed the vegans.

And then there's those stupid words from those morons.
Yeah, but you eat both, so you're worse.
No moron! I'm a human being, I act like a human being, and a human being is an omnivore!

You know what, let's have a little contest.

2 Islands, one with vegans, one with "normal" people who do eat animals.

But 0,0 animals among the vegans only plants, berries, vegetables.
and plenty of animals, plants, berries, vegetables etc.among the normal people.

Both groups stay on the islands for 6 months.
no phone, nothing at all, just like back in time without civilization.

Each participant should undergo prior medical and psychological testing.
and everything will be documented.
Weight, blood values, sleep or sleep deprivation, behaviour, mood etc.

After a month, the vegans will starve and eat each other (cannibalism).)
and the people who do eat animals will still get it right.

But!!!! at the end of the 6 months we let nature take its course (including when someone gets sick or dies, well, no prosperity like before!)
then we're gonna count how many vegans are left, and how healthy they are with just their vegetables and berries.

But oddly enough, when something like this was offered, no vegan would want to be a part of this.
That's weird! they're so sure of their case, aren't they? they're the do-gooders, right?
They know how to do it, don't they?

No, you morons! so you vegans don't know what it's like. maybe you should go back to eating meat and fish for a while so you can be healthier and you can think" normal " again so you can stop this nonsense!

Be glad that in our prosperity (which you do not respect) we try to make the death of an animal as painless as possible.
That's different from bludgeoning to death and ribbing while the animal is still alive as it was only a few centuries ago.