multi-disciplinary training

This training took place in several disciplines.
However, this training may also be aimed at getting discipline.
Hence the already comprehensive name: discipline training.

This training is completely made by me and is nowhere else to be found.
My training is often confused for the term boot camp.
However, discipline training is so much more.

condition is the most important for survival but also for a healthy body.

* power sport
having good muscle strength is vital to survival.
in everyday life it is often also useful to have.
one misconception of many people is that muscle power always goes together with large conspicuous muscles.
This is certainly not always the case.

* Defend
in survival you must also be able to defend. in" Ordinary " Life This is also useful,
especially now that society is getting more and more groggy.

* Fighting technique
to ensure that you can stand your ground, fighting techniques are unfortunately sometimes more important than running.

< small>disarming is more than just taking a weapon, it's a real art.

* climbing
climb, yes I do, we often hear.
where, after many training sessions, you finally know how to say it:
that even became just as long

* Survival / bushcraft
most people think they can survive without their smartphone.
But if they have to survive 48 hours in nature, that's often the first thing they're looking for.
How do you make fire without a lighter in a wet environment? this is just one of many aspects.

* Camouflage
the art of camouflage is vital.< br /> what many people don't realize is that camouflage is more than just colors.

* Move Border
changing your boundaries will ensure that you will grow physically and mentally well.

* strengthen Group links
a good team Association of which everyone knows what he/she has to each other is the strongest and the most beautiful thing there is!

discipline training is more than just the above mentioned,
Many aspects are covered, so you as a person are improving in every way.

each training is tailored to the individual's ability.
However, it is always the shifting of boundaries,
But of course we take into account the limitations in any form whatsoever.

interested in outdoor training?
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